Is that you November?

Another month has arrived and as much as I was expecting it, like an untimely visitor, its arrival has caught me off guard and in a frenzy of activity.

I have spent the last couple of weeks tying up loose ends and figuring out how I want to go forward.  I have received quite a few emails inquiring about out of stock items in the shop and have been trying to determine how much sense it makes to try and scrap together a quick restock before the end of the year while trying to focus on the Holidays and my own personal projects.

My conclusion...

Not much sense at all.

I am almost at capacity in terms of the amount of items sold in my little shop and it's now time to retire a few things to make room for new items. I have also discovered that having soooo many things to package and store makes for longer shipping times. Now is the time for a bit of adjusting.

So here's my plan:

I will not restock the shop until early January 2013. I have some housekeeping to do and this will give me time to do it.

Around mid November  the shop will re-open as a Holiday Shop only...meaning, only the few holiday items I intend to sell will be available. A few standard items that work for the holidays will also be available...like the "calendar stamp" and "bulk ledger cards."

I am temporarily closing the shop tomorrow to prepare for the Holiday Shop to open.

I will be selling: limited edition holiday stamps, my December Daily accessories Kit, a few related items such as the aforementioned calendar stamp and ledger cards and a couple smaller kits that are completely new to the shop.

Sneak peeks coming soon:)

I'm keeping things simple this year. Simple is best.


Kelly in Canada said...

hi france,
i am so sad that i missed out on the last two shop updates but so happy that you are doing what works for you...i hope i can manage the christmas update because, well, i love everything you put your magic touch onto! anyway, i also wanted to say that the printables you created for the studio calico december daily kit are superb. i think i might be your number one fan because i can't imagine that anyone could adore your creations any more than i do.
keep well and keep your head above water. i hope you manage to enjoy it all too.

sbookinshay29 said...

LOVE it all so far, and excited to hear that the other stuff I missed will return in January [I still can't believe I missed it TWICE lol] already have the stamps on preorder, and anxiously checking back to see all the sneaks ;] Thanks for getting us ready such awesome holiday goods! xoxo

rhonda nickol said...

France I love them all! Hoping their is some left after payday for me to buy!