farewell 2012

Instead of being quiet and introspective as the year comes to a close...I find myself feeling like a puppy tugging on its lead eager to move forward. Sifting through my photos provides me with a way to slow time...to savor and reflect upon my choices-to relive my happiest of moments. I don't dwell on anything that bums me out. 2012 was a year of choices, but the best one I made...the one I find to be a true reflection of my age...was the choice to be happy about something every. single. day.

This was a good year...and by good, I mean fabulous. There were definitely some shitty moments...this world is nutso, but for me...and the life I share with my husband and dog--my predominant feeling at the moment is one of pure gratitude. I feel ready for 2013. Ready for my final year as a thirtysomething. Ready to proceed into the unknown and mold it to my whim.

As lovely and kick ass as that sounds...my only real plan is to be open to surprises.

 So the last time I did this was 2009.  I really liked looking back on it. More than I thought I would, which prompted me to do this post. I challenged myself to choose only one picture a month which was hard. These were my own personal highlights:

 photo courtesy of Francisco Zelga

Wishing you and yours a delightful 2013.


Ellie Augustin said...

Happy New Year my Darling! Sending blessing and much love to fill our 2013! ((HUGS))

Kelly in Canada said...

oh, france! have a beautiful and blessed new year...i love your trip through the past year and, like you, i am looking forward to kick-ass new year as well! thank you for all you do for those of us for whom paper-crafting is a wee bit of an obsession.
can't wait to see what is next for you.

rhonda nickol said...

Happy New Year France!

Marti said...

Love your photo recap! Happy New Year!