Yeah, I did it. I took mini and doubled it.

Valentine's--a day for giving flowers, smooching your sweetheart, writing love notes and giving in to commercialism...if only for one little day.

it also happens to be my wedding anniversary.

Over the years I've made my husband a lot of crap. I like to think I'm making it for him, but really the things I make, the little books in particular, are a wonderful reminder that we have it pretty good.

After seven years of marriage and almost 13 years cohabitating...he is still my sweetheart.

So, if you have waited to the last minute to prepare a little something for your sweetheart, I've prepared a little project that just might score you a few points:)

Below you will find lots of images and instructions.

Simply print out the downloadable PDF. I used smooth white cardstock.

Cut out each rectangle and then score down the middle. Let the pattern guide your score rather than the size of the card itself. Once all cards are cut and scored fold and then trim while folded so that all your "pages" are the exact same size: 3 1/4 "

I like to embellish my cards at this point. Especially sewing and stamping. This gets more difficult once the book is assembled. You can also add photos but I usually prefer to do that later.

I then begin adhering the cards to one another in no particular order. I keep color and pattern in mind while doing this. All you have to do is use your favorite strong adhesive and glue the white side of one card to the white side of the other until you have adhered them all.

You then want to adhere both the white side of the front flap and the white side of the back flap to appropriately trimmed chipboard.  I used heavy weight white chipboard, but you can use any heavy weight material you like. You can even use wood or acrylic. I simply traced my little book onto the surface of my cover and cut them out. I use strong adhesive on this part...like score-tape.

You now have a mini minibook. You can choose to either leave the spine exposed or you can cover it up with fabric, light weight paper, wide washi or whatever you like.

Using my assembled book as a ruler, I traced the width of the spine and the length of the edge on the paper I chose. You can make it as wide as you like. Play with it and see what looks right to you. As shown, if using paper, you can score the spine area and add adhesive to only the portion that will be adhered to the front and back of the book.

Decorate the front of your book. I love the decorating parts:)

Add photos and journaling if you see fit. I usually do special moments from the previous year...that way, the contents of my Valentine's book are always different and serve as a sweet retrospective.

You're all done. If you have any square jewelry boxes hanging around from Christmas...this mini mini fits perfectly inside.

Other than the calendar page which can easily be covered with a photo, this book is not holiday specific so feel free to spread the love whenever and to whomever you like. If you share pics on Instagram, let me know, I'd love to see it.


Stephanie said...

Just printed mine out!! They look gorgeous! I love the "you're all i need to get by" card. Takes me back to high school! Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Love this. So amazing of you to share the PDF. Thank you so much.

sbookinshay29 said...

Can I just say AMAZING? Love that you made this, and especially excited that you shared it, cannot wait to use it to make one myself, thanks girl & happy anniversary ;] xoxo

Anonymous said...

So so awesome!!! Thanks a lot, I'll definitely make this one!

Kelly in Canada said...

wow! this is so gorgeous...thank you so much for sharing! happy anniversary and happy valentine's day!

rhonda nickol said...

How cute, thanks France for sharing and happy Valentines Day!

Karen S. said...

Thanks so much for sharing and for the tutorial!! Looking forward to making this mini mini!!

Monika Wright | I Love It All said...

Love your fun mini and the awesome tutorial!

Mariah Williams said...

Love this so much! Had to make one and blog about it HERE!

Cindy Lee said...

Just wanna tell you how much I love your products! Love this idea!