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Once upon a time I saw this post on Oh So Beautiful Paper and bookmarked it for a rainy day.

This isn't so much a novel idea as it is one worthy of being revisited often. As of late, I have noticed a lot of watercolor out there and I kinda sorta love it. It conjours up a wistfulness I associate with springtime and newness.

Now, like any self-respecting papercrafter, I own both watercolor paper and rarely used watercolors. They have gathered dust in a bin waiting for their fickle owner to scoop them up and actually make something.

I give you the incredibly basic watercolor card with guest appearance by "love you" rubberstamp.

fig.1: Gather your supplies. Some of the items you will need that aren't pictured...scratch paper to mix paint, paper towels to blot excess water, and a stamp pad.

 fig.2: Cut and score your watercolor paper. I made this 4Bar size which is 3 1/2" x 4 7/8". This is the smallest size you can safely send through the mail.

 fig.3: Create a wash of color. This is a totally freestyle exercise, so just experiment and have fun. If you are using watercolor paper you will get much better results. I tried using thick smooth paper and I couldn't get it to blend well. Perhaps human error.

stamp designed and sold by the talented Tina of LifeLovePaper

fig.4: Stamp your chosen image on a piece of smooth cardstock and cut out. I left a thin border around the edge.

TIP: Okay...so i tried to stamp this image directly onto the watercolor paper and, well, I should have known better. It's difficult to get a sharp result on textured paper. I was pretty mad at myself since I was really happy with the watercolor background and I didn't want to have to scrap it. Don't be like me:) Test your stamp on the same background you intend for your project...FIRST.

fig.5: Adhere your image to your card. I used a pop dot.

fig.6: Write a sweet note on the inside.

NOTES: I plan on making a version of this card about a million more times because I loved the result. I would really love to do it on smooth paper but it just didn't work for me. I used Papertrey paper since that's the heaviest stock I had on hand. I think it works fine if you just want color...but I wanted to achieve more of a wash effect with subtle gradations. I guess I can always do it digitally and print it out onto smooth paper like I did with the  sweetheart mini mini, but that's not quite the same as getting messy is it?  I would really love to try a resist effect with text and embossing. Maybe it's time to bust out the mists and distress inks...God knows they could use some love.


Kelly in Canada said...

simply beautiful!

ali naqvi said...

Great post...thanks for sharing..its appreciating..!! Plastic card

rhonda nickol said...

Love this card!

Tina said...

so cool + pretty. and I love your new blog banner!

Christine said...

Love this idea! Try wetting the paper with your paint brush before adding color--allows the color to flow/blend better.

bananafish said...

thanks Christine, I am def going to try that, because I would love to stamp text on smooth paper and not have to cut it out.

Viji Siddharth said...

I hope you are doing ok! I have been checking the shop for the new stuff since last night:) I am SO excited!

Viji Siddharth said...

I hope you are doing ok! Your shop update was supposed to be today. I haven't seen anything on insta or here in a while. Hope you are doing fine. I am just SO excited for the new stuff.