the fine print

 Well... the Bananafishstudio shop will be reopening on Monday, the 18th of March.

I took an extra long break to work on  a few personal projects, spend time with my family and recover from some major burnout.

Really, I was just waiting to be inspired.

This brings me back to the shop...there are a few changes.  I'm giving you a heads up so you won't be surprised.

There's now a flat rate for all packages shipped within the US. International shipping has gone up quite a bit. SO sorry my dear  customers in other countries, but you can blame the US Postal Service. The upside, I will refund any excess shipping for International customers if it turns out that you were overcharged.

There are no new paper products this go round.  There will be some new sampler and bulk packs available and a few items have been redesigned, but that's about it. Most of my favorite basics will still be available.

Rubber stamps:
I really focused on a pretty big collection of stamps this time. If you follow me on Instagram you would have gotten a peak. I'm really quite happy with the results...a LOT of simple, useful images that work in a LOT of different ways...and here's the kicker:


One of the reasons I've had to delay the shop re-opening has to do with this very big change. I have long felt that cutting every piece of foam by myself was a practice I could not sustain forever.  Especially since all that cutting required so much time and energy...energy that could be better spent packaging and getting things shipped out more quickly. The transition required quite a bit of research and testing and, like most things, took way longer than I expected. The stamps are high quality deep etched red rubber so no need to worry that I've sacrificed anything. On the contrary, I am thrilled with the results and only wish I could have gone in this direction earlier.

So yeah, that's pretty much it. I will be updating the shop some time on Monday or Tuesday so you will be able to see the products, read descriptions and check out pricing well before they are made available. Although you will be able to see the products...they won't be available for purchase just yet. I will probably add things to the shop as inspiration strikes. As much as I appreciate companies creating new collections all the time... I can't compete with that. Rather, I try to just make things I would love...things that work well with the products you already have and adore...products that are a perfect representation of the Bananafishstudio style. I hope you find it worth the wait:)


Viji Siddharth said...

Thankyou for the update!

rhonda nickol said...

So excited to see all the new stamps!

Shay Tibbs said...

Thanks for the update girl, SO excited about it, & reset your alarm on my phone ;) Can't miss this shop update!

Kelly in Canada said...

what shay said! everything you do is worth waiting for and i cannot wait to see the new releases!

2 Hearts B 1 Designs said...

Look forward to all of your fabulous works!