After a somewhat lengthy hiatus, the Bananafishstudio shop re-opens today at 2PM PST.

The shop has undergone quite a metamorphosis since I first began on Etsy over 5 years ago. I started small and then gradually grew until I realized sometime last year that my goal was never really to have a large shop, but to occupy a small corner of the web with well designed paper products and stamps. My plans for this year, while not written in stone, is to remain in this vein for a while for I find that it suits me. It also allows for ample time to do side projects which subsidize my income and keep me inspired.

Because I fancy keeping things rather controlled,  my inventory is select and limited. My restocking schedule can be found under the "NEWS" section of the shop. I hate that anyone feels disappointment, but if you do miss out on something you were hoping to get...it shall return:) If a sold out item says "coming soon" it means the restock is already underway. I do not create a scarcity to increase demand, I simply order what I can afford and properly store. Unlike much larger companies, I could not maintain my shop nor my spirits if I was continuously saddled with stock I could not move.  Re-ordering, while not an immediate solution, helps me to satisfy customers and maintain on-going relationships with my printer and stamp manufacturer.  It also helps me feel a bit more brave about taking risks:) I hope you don't mind this bit of behind the scenes info, but I like to share this sort of thing.

I'll leave you with a few peeks at some new items.
As always...Thanks so very MUCH


rhonda nickol said...

I love your items but most of all your kindness to your customers and how you have personally helped me to get the things I have wanted is why I will always be a faithful customer!

Viji Siddharth said...

I second Rhonda!

Sandra Correale said...

I got most of the items I wanted. But...there are a few stamps I missed out on. Are you going to restock any of the stamps???