project life::september2013

 sorry about that big white spot...figured you wouldn't care about the intimate details of my life:)

I think this may be the first time I've shared my Project Life here on the blog. It's nothing remarkable but I really love doing it and in many respects has transformed how I approach memorykeeping. If you've never heard of Project Life (PL), it's basically a scrapbooking system designed to streamline and simplify the memorykeeping process. You can read more about it here. I appreciate the fact that it's highly adaptable and requires less stuff overall. While there is a plethora of PL product available,  I have forgone purchasing any of the core kits in favor of a more "fast & loose" approach. I use what I have,  I download digital items,  I don't over think it.

If you're thinking this might be something you want to try...here are a few examples of my most favorite Project Life albums...

Pink Ronnie | A super minimalist version with a focus on great photography + her blog is lovely.

Tina from LifeLovePaper | A small version like my own with a nice balance of simplicity and wisely chosen embellishments and type treatments.

Lexi Bridges | A more heavily embellished version that represents a lovely balance of papercrafting and storytelling. I also really like her process videos.

My version of PL is housed in a small 6X8 Snap Album. Ideally I'd really love a linen album, but what I have works for now. I also prefer to document monthly rather than weekly...especially since my day to day life is pretty routine and therefore somewhat repetitive. If you think you might enjoy something like this but feel as though you need to be a certain kind of person ( the scrapbooky kind), or be living a certain kind of life (the 2 kids, stay at home mom kind)...you're wrong. In many respects, this is no different than blogging or Instagramming or Facebook...it's just more about you and YOUR life and less about comments and likes and who's doing what. Most of us take pictures. Most of us have a desire to record our own personal stories...that process is not the exclusive domain of any one group. I'm married without kids...I'm also a memorykeeper. It helps me pay attention, it helps me to be grateful, it helps me work through stuff, it helps me get pictures off my phone and hard drive, and sometimes, when I'm having a bad day (or week) it helps me to remember that most of the time... life is beautiful.


Kelly said...

love your pages france! my approach is similar to yours, right down to the small album and using what i have on hand. having a book to page through is really motivating for me; when i think about how much i enjoy the finished books, it keeps me going through the one on which i am working. thanks so much for sharing.

Anika Lacerte said...

Your project life looks great! I especially like the little notes with the photos by the tomatoes and feet.

I am a stay at home mom with two kids now (ha!) and thought I didn't have much to scrapbook about before kids. I wish I had discovered project life then. But maybe I will go back and work on pre kids.

I bought a core kit but find I am making my own cards instead of using the kit. But I'm really still experimenting to figure out what I like and what I want the project to be now.

I love, love, love looking through the book which I'm printing as I go. (one week a spread)

I am interested in trying the 6x8 size instead of the 12x12. Thanks for sharing your pages.

Tina said...

happy to see your scrapping. :) thanks for the kind words...totally made my day.

Anonymous said...

Will you be opening the store again anytime soon?

Pink Ronnie said...

Thank you for your kind words!
Ronnie xo

listgirl said...

Really enjoyed looking at your pages... very inspirational. I feel the same way about PL that you elegantly stated in the last paragraph. It makes me appreciate my life more, and give me joy to see it this way.