shop talk: holiday edition

I have been receiving lots of questions as to whether or not I intend to re-open the shop or carry holiday items this season. I have been hesitant to respond because I just didn't know what my holiday would look like. Last year I was home and I worked. A lot. This year I wanted to somehow try for a bit more balance.

I will be traveling some over the next couple of months so my ability to pack things up and get them out will be limited.  I know that so many of us are working on time sensitive projects and I am conscious of the fact that nobody wants to wait too long for holiday goodies. Especially my friends overseas who always have to wait much longer. Therefore, I will not be selling any new seasonal stamps or product, but, I will be re-opening in a week or so and selling various digital items. I am putting the finishing touches on a set of digital brushes based on last year's collection of holiday stamps as well as the full set of printable holiday milk caps. You can also purchase exclusive Bananafishstudio  digital elements on 2peas.

It is my intention to re-open the full shop shortly after the first of the year. It will be restocked with colorful sequins, as well as my favorite stamps and paper items.  I am currently designing new content that I hope to debut come Spring. While I'm certainly not big enough to release collections as large or as often as other companies, I put a ton of effort and hours into do what I do and the payoff is seeing my items pop up in so many wonderfully creative projects.

thanks for that.

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chemgirl said...

Glad you can make the right decision for your self...I need to work on that. I love your 2Peas printables, and look forward to whatever you come up with here!!