knit+purl | fall edition


Autumn is the time to sort through my bins and baskets of yarn...to revisit old, cast aside projects, to purge and collect, to knit and crochet.

I love nothing more than getting a few new things on the needles and hook. I am much more proficient with a crochet hook but probably a bit more enthusiastic with a set of needles. While my experience with crochet makes me more willing to try challenging projects, my current love of knitting and the array of modern patterns means I am more inclined to see those projects through to the end.

I am a simple knitter...scarves, cowls, caps and gloves. While I want to try a pair of socks I fear the complexity will keep me from it...at least for a while. Clothes? Uhm... no, I'm not there yet. I actually have never crocheted or knit an article of clothing...like a sweater. I am more into blankets, caps and scarves. Living in the PNW means that I can indulge in lovely knits practically year round, but this time of year is my favorite. Something about the smell of wood burning fireplaces and all those football games translates into a LOT of knitting in front of the tv.

This past weekend my friend and I traveled a bit east of Seattle to the Snoqualmie Valley and the small town of Carnation. Wa. I am forever mesmerized by the fact that so much nature and beauty exist so very close to the city.  Tolt Yarn and Wool was a revelation...and the Mexican restaurant across the street wasn't so bad either, but back to Tolt. Anna, the owner, is warm and knows her yarn! It was a pleasure watching her chat with customers and talk shop with fiber lovers, some of whom came from Canada to visit. The shop itself has high ceilings and accomplishes that perfect balance of feeling both open and cozy. There are colorful rugs and comfy chairs strewn about. The walls are repurposed wood pulled up from the floor. The fixtures are simple and elegant and we haven't even got to talking about the yarn...oh MAN, the YARN.

This place has the good stuff...much of it local. The samples, merchandising and general loveliness of the place makes me want to go back immediately. I'm sure my pocketbook is happy that it's a 30 minute drive. So here's to Tolt...to yarn and to those of us trying to make the world cozy one scarf at a time.

all images photographed at Tolt Yarn and Wool in Carnation, WA


C o w R o a d said...

I was there too! What a wonderful place!
(and I live just down the road so easy peasy...) :-)

Anna D. said...

Thank you so much for visiting the shop! : ). Hope to see you again soon.