2014 || h a p p y

A new year also ushers in a new decade for me.  My final year as a thirty-something ended on a fabulous note and I'm excited for what's around the corner. That's real talk...i know people say stuff like that all the time, but I am. Maybe that's what 40 is all about...being excited about shit.

being excited and being happy. Yup...that's my "one little word" for 2014.

h a p p y.

Simple, I know, but brimming with possibility. It seems easy right? But for me, being happy is a way to change, a way to grow,  a way to feel for others and to feel for myself.

cheers to you...and to my year of happy


Danielle said...

That's a wonderful word. Mine is brave. Cheers!

Kelly said...

well, then, happy happy new year! can't wait to follow along on your adventure.

megan said...

hi! just found your blog via a random pinterest search i was doing to get inspiration for olw... found you and found that we have the same word! small world, just thought i'd share, because it made me happy...