Did you know that the Bananafish doesn't really exist?

It's a fictional creature created by a fictional character invented by one Mr. J.D. Salinger.

It's a sad story really, but I always fancied this mythical creature and always hoped for a better outcome. To me, the Bananafish represented possibility.

 Did you know that when I first named my brand new graphic design business Bananafishstudio...an actual studio did not exist?

It was a dream, a hope. It was a "someday." I would have to make it what I wanted it to be.

While trying to build a business all those years ago I realized that the true work of my life would be the simple act of creating and recreating a place that felt right and real.

...and I'm doing it again. Here-on this blog...and not for the first time.

it's a reset if you will.

For a long while I've wanted this blog to be about so much more than the shop, or crafts or my work. I kept thinking that I had to start a whole new blog to do that. I put it off for ages not having the time to design something new. But really, I didn't have to.

this something I built from nothing could be whatever I wanted it to be. SO...I switched my focus to content.

I'm 40, I'm an ethnically diverse woman, I'm living a delightfully child-free life, I am a lover of dogs...especially my own...and family...especially my own;) I'm getting close to paying off all my debt...even the student loans, people. I don't own, I rent. I'm currently living in the first house I've ever lived in with the first garden I've ever had, I'm becoming healthy after years of poor habits.

The thing is...most popular bloggers don't look like me. Their homes, outfits, bodies, lives don't look like mine. That doesn't mean I don't love them because I do--but I love myself too and if I'm searching for stories that look a bit more like my own, maybe I have to be the one to write it.

I hope you guys like the girl behind the fish...


Melissa said...

awesome post.


Kelly said...

france, you described exactly what i have been looking for because i don't look like any of the popular bloggers and my life doesn't come even remotely close either. can't wait to see what you do.

kelly purkey said...

i want to hop on my desk to give you a standing O for this post. get it girl.

. said...

What a great post. Please write more, you have so much to say! I am so looking forward to your posts!

Nan said...

Thank you for this post. I love your designs but this post really hit home. I have all but abandoned my blog during a forced creative dry spell thinking I needed to create a new blog separately for my "non art" related life. It's easy to think everyone in blog land is perfect!
Like the reset and congrats on the student loan thing. That's a big deal! Off to dust off my blog I think....