on the needles | knit bunting

Whenever I begin a long knitting project...something certain to take me months to complete, I like to have something (sometimes multiple somethings) on the needles as well.  This keeps me from getting too bored with the long project and more likely to keep it going. This lovely bunting fit the bill perfectly as it worked up in just a handful of days.

I originally got the idea when I spied it online hanging above a crib in an adorable baby room. I loved it...and since my nephew lives in LA, the land of earthquakes, I figured this would be far safer than picture frames. I think hanging it on the crib would be cute as well.

Before endeavoring to begin sans pattern, I searched and found plenty that I knew would work. I just ended up adapting this one to my liking. I didn't want to thread the ribbon so instead of doing row 2, I just copied the decrease of row 4 and continued all the way through according to the pattern. I switched to my crochet hook for the white edging.

I chained 25 and then single crocheted through the top loops of the first bunting triangle, I then chained 5 and repeated the process until I finished the final bunting triangle and chained another 25. I then turned and completed a single crochet all the way back across.

I enjoyed this project so much that I intend to make another one for myself...it would be the perfect thing to bring out for birthdays or any other special occasion.

Note: I am not an expert on baby safety...so use caution. I don't want any babies getting tangled in bunting.

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