I Went There | Bainbridge Island, Wa

Okay...here's proof that you can have a fabulous day trip even when you wake up late, need to shower, skip breakfast and washing your hair and don't even make it out the door until 2pm.

Keith and I have set a goal. We will seriously try to do more stuff that doesn't involve catching up on Bravo programming. The truth is, like everyone, we work hard during the week and the idea of curling up on the sofa for an entire weekend sounds like bliss...at first. Granted...it's still awesome to curl up on the couch with my boo and watch a movie...but it can't be ALL CURLING. I need some activity that requires me to be in an upright position doing things that stimulate my senses. 

I decided two things. I want to collect experiences and it doesn't have to cost much more than a ferry ticket and the price of lunch. It doesn't have to cost anything but a bit of time and some willingness to get going. Keith was all in...well maybe 75% in. This is really something I want for myself and while I love having him along he has his own weekend interests and I don't want to co-opt his precious time. I'm so okay just going it solo.

There was no planning involved. The pup was at camp and we were free as two somewhat scruffy birds. Sure there was cleaning to be done and maybe some laundry, but there was also sunshine and we made a choice to head out to Bainbridge Island. Nope, we've never been, nope, we did not check the ferry schedule...we weren't even sure which ferry to take...but we made it, and boy oh boy it was worth it. The island is beautiful. We ate a late lunch, went to the beach, collected seashells and drove around making plans for all the things we want to see on our next visit. I promise you Bainbridge...we'll be back!

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