finding spots | the kitchen nook

Let me preface this post by saying yes, I am quite happy with the fact that I have wonderfully warm little roof over my head.  But the popcorn ceiling I see when I look up sucks. it does, it sucks. but it is a roof and yes, I'm okay with it.

I use to have issues. I'd look at something and my eye would go directly to the flaw...even in myself. I do believe age has been a major factor in just letting so much shit go. One day you just decide, I want to be happy and f*ck who isn't on board with that.

I live in a rental. It's an adorable house in a fabulous neighborhood with the best garden on the street. Really, I have the best garden...no thanks to me. This house was built by my landlord's grandfather and he is the only one who tends the lawn. It helps that he used to own a landscaping business. That said, it's old and really quite out of style and he knows it...that's why he lives in a marvelous apartment downtown. 

I have a choice when I walk through the door...I can either see the popcorn ceilings, the dated light fixtures, the weird bluish greenish carpet or I can find spots. Spots in my home that I have made my own. I'm not talking about painting the walls or putting in wood floors...I know people do that in rentals...I don't. I'm talking about working with what's already here. For example...my kitchen has a lovely nook that sits between two windows. It's almost always bathed in some kind of light. It's where i drink my tea and read blogs. it's where I share tea with friends. It's where i daydream while I wait for the lilacs to bloom. I sit on a table left for us by my landlord. It was built by his grandfather for his grandmother. It has been well preserved and I keep up my responsibility to do the same. There are many things about this kitchen that aren't perfect...i mean there's no dishwasher if you don't count me, but this nook...this is truly a perfect spot.


Anonymous said...

If it helps, I feel this way too and I own my home (well technically the bank owns more of it than I do !) I too have let it go, the pressure to constantly update and want whatever our friends,neighbours,magazines and retail outlets say we should have. :) Louise

Nathalie said...

This post also resonated with me as I still often see the flaws before I see the positives... and I am not that young, so good for you for being a fast learner! :) I was recently telling my husband that I think Pinterest and its "perfect" living rooms, bedrooms, etc... ruined my ability to enjoy what I have even if it is not the latest and trendiest stuff... Hence, my enjoying this post :D