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edited to add: a few people asked about the page protector to the left in the above photo. It is actually made for business cards and I got it at Staples. I just cut it down from 8.5x11 so it would fit in my book. I turn it to the side and punch holes. The top two pockets are open on the bottom...it may seem like the photo would slip out but that never happens since the cards on the other side keep things pretty snug. I modified my pictures so they would look like Instax photos...but they're not:)

Because I update my album monthly, I am always working a month behind. I love it...for me it means that I can relax, take pictures, and just let life happen. I use a small notebook to jot down highlights...it's not a journal or a date book, it's just for things I might forget. I don't even concern myself with the current month until it's over. Once the new month begins I begin my process... usually within the first week.

Step 1. I transfer photos from my devices to my computer. I save to an external hard drive at the same time.  Sometimes this is all I do on a given day. It helps to break things up a bit.

Step 2. Using Aperture, I clear out the pictures I don't want and I place the ones I do want into an album titled "month_year." I occasionally edit my photos in Aperture using VSCO, but this is rare. I simply prefer and am more proficient in Photoshop.  I create a new folder and export the images I want to use into that folder. I then edit using Rad Lab. I always edit a bit...it makes up for my less than stellar photography talents. I stash any ephemera I have in a MS zipper pouch.

Step 3. I draw up a little sketch of where I want things to go and then crop accordingly. Because my style is so basic, I use a handful of different designs over and over. At this point I work on adding journaling...some directly to photographs...some on journal cards in Illustrator. I know that there are people who add journaling the way I do using apps on their phone and just printing the whole thing out, but I don't.

Step 4. I print my pictures separately and then adhere them to plain white cards that I've already printed and cut. It might seem a bit inefficient to print them separately, but it's my process and it works and it allows me to utilize every inch of photopaper for pictures.

Step 5. Once I have all my photocards completed, I look them over and see if anything needs to be added. Usually I keep things basic...occasionally I'll add a label, a bit of flair or some wood veneer or washi...but more often I just slip them into the page protector and call it done.

That's it. 90% of the work takes place even before the pictures are printed out. From start to finish it takes me no more than a few days. I know this isn't the most creative process...I don't use that much stuff, but that's not what it is for me right now. I get creative with other parts of this book...but I'll leave that for part two.


The winner of the giveaway was Rhonda Nichol.

rhonda nickol said...
Right now my go to essentials are my stamps, mist/spray paint, wood veneer,labels/tags esp. Bananfish(my favorite),tiny attacher and i recently found a liking for doilies and enamel dots. I love adding some of these items to projects, I like alot of detailing to projects. Gotta start using my stash!
April 8, 2014 at 9:22 PM

send me your mailing address and I'll get your album out pronto. france@bananafishstudio.com


Linda said...

i LOVE this so so much!! Thanks for showing us your process! it's wonderful :) so inspiring.

Kelly said...

love your simplicity. i wish i was smart enough to know how to do something other than send my photos away to have them printed in their less than stellar, unedited form. sigh. anyway, your book looks great. thanks for sharing.

rhonda nickol said...

France thanks so much for sharing your process today,and thanks so much for the giveaway! I will put the album to good use!

Anonymous said...

what is that small photo pocket in the middle? a cut down version? thx!

Sara said...

I love seeing your process and your photos of it all are lovely.
I've been really struggling with keeping up with my PL and finding my style. Your clean and fresh look is really inspiring and making me think I should keep mine minimal.