the best smoothie evah

I like a hearty breakfast. If I can't stick a fork in it or scoop it up in a spoon my brain tells my stomach "you're still hungry, girl." I've been trying to change my mind when it comes to a lot of things, namely food and its been a major adjustment...especially when it comes to breakfast.

Now I'm not big into smoothies, I was never really into Jamba Juice or anything like that. I typically like my food in solid form, that was until I came across this smoothie. When people use to tell me "oh, this smoothie keeps me super full and energetic until lunch" I always thought "yeah, right." But I'm now that person and it's real guys...it's super real.

Enter the best smoothie evah:

1 medium banana: i chop it up and stick it in the freezer the night before
a handful of blueberries fresh or frozen cuz they're good for you
a half cup of reg milk or almond milk...whatever you drink
a big ol handful of spinach. YES. spinach
a drizzle of honey but i've gone without it
a spoon of ground or roasted flaxseed
and that's it. sometimes I add a spoon of almond butter it all depends.

my recipe is loosely based on this one

I want to try one of these greenies next.

it's hearty,  it tastes good and it keeps you full until lunch...at least my brain thinks so.

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rhonda nickol said...

Thanks for sharing,can't wait to make one!