the second part

Before you invest too much time, this post is about memorykeeping...specifically Project Life® or pocket scrapbooking or whatever you call it.

It happens quite frequently that I'll read an article or a blog post about the trying of a new recipe or the purchase of a new whatever and I think to myself...I hope they write a follow up. I want to know how that recipe turned out or if that whatever was really as good as people claim. Does that happen to you? All too often I am left hanging. I never find out. Sometimes I think people prefer to write about the first part. The first part is exciting and full of possibility. The first part stimulates our imaginations and sometimes ignites our envy.

I like the second part. The part that is reality. So you didn't just snap a few pics of your brand new juicer you actually used it, loved it and have a few things to share. You tried that new recipe and almost burnt down your house...okay, that would be bad, but I would love you for sharing.

So in the interest of sharing the second part I thought I would write a bit about using my Studio Calico Project Life® kit. If you read this post, you know I already discussed the first part...took some pretty pictures and led you to believe that everything was going swimmingly, and it was until I had to get down to business.

Something happens when you take all the lovely goodies out of the box and actually attempt to incorporate them into your book. Make no mistake...this months kit was lovely. I also got the Gertrude Add-on which did not disappoint either, but man oh man was it a challenge. Maybe I've kept things too plain for too long. Maybe the colors weren't working for me. Maybe I wanted the kit more than I needed the kit, but nothing looked right to me. I arranged, rearranged and ended up using about 5 items. So, if you're doing the math, that's two kits at about 30 bucks each...and well...yeah.

I am now waiting for  my May kit and preparing to do my April spreads. I did not get any add-ons this month because if I can't work with the main kit I needn't bother. I really want to add more color and more personality to my pockets...but I'm thinking maybe the pictures and words were enough.

I know, this is not a very happy ending. That's why people avoid the second part...because sometimes it sucks. I think I'll go back to that other post and read some of my own advice. I'm not quite ready to give up. I'm going to try one more month and if it doesn't work it may just be time for the "it's not you, it's me" conversation.

I'll share my March spread on Friday.


Kelly said...

i think that, for me, trying to imagine what will be most important down the road, when i am revisiting my albums, and balancing that with my need to be a little bit creative and playful with the lovely kit products is the most difficult part of project life. i don't think i will be looking for funky colourful cards but rather the places we went and the people we saw. does that make sense? i love your style and your simplicity so i think that whatever you decide will be lovely but i am suspicious that perhaps you might be like me and more attracted to my stories than my stuff. i hope this scribble seems somewhat literate because sometimes i am not sure!

Kristin Cofoid said...

This is such a refreshingly honest perspective. Thank you for sharing! I, like you, feel like I'm left hanging. Or, rather, I feel like every single post I see about Project Life and kits is more about how effortless it is for everyone to use. Thanks for sharing the struggle part, because you're right that sometimes the products are so pretty to look at, but making them work with your layout aesthetic can be a challenge!

Kristin Cofoid said...

This is such a refreshingly honest post. Thanks for sharing! I appreciate your struggle as I have felt it too.