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So I already discussed some of the challenges I faced this month with my pockets. I got a kit and had a bit of difficulty incorporating the bits into my somewhat formulaic process. I kinda think there were parts were I forced it...I'll just show you.

Like usual, I used three protectors for the month. Two 3x4's and one full size 6x8. I had lots of photos this month so I included some flip up cards as well as an accordion card. Speaking of flip cards I've been makeshifting them for a long while now, but apparently Simple Stories makes a single 3x4 or 4x6 protector that has adhesive on the top and can be used to create your own flip card. Thanks, Ali. I didn't have any so I just did what I always do...cut a bit of printer paper...sandwich between two cards and fold at the seam...voila! They're totally low budge and the top card is not in plastic, but they work for me.

I really love using a photo for the month...just putting a filler card in there feels wasteful so this month I used a circle, adjusted the opacity and wrote "March" on the inside. Done. This is also my first flip card. I made the little tabs that say "lift." That tiny heart stamp is from the kit.

The "nature" stamp was part of the Gertrude add-on. It felt just a tiny bit forced...I certainly didn't need it...but it worked and I had it so there it goes. I was surprised how much I liked the cork alphas since I don't really like cork, but that's what kits are for...to introduce you to things you thought you'd never use. On the right side I used a full size photo since I was going to document my day trip on the back.

The left side documents my trip to Bainbridge Island. I could have easily created a simple collage, but I liked the idea of designing mini polaroid-esque pictures and adhering it to a sheet of kraft cardstock. On the left, the sticker and that striped card and stamp are from the main kit. The arrow stamp and "this & that" card is from the add-on.

I made another flip card on this side using the Gertrude Add-on again. I think I was really drawn to that kit because I found it to be much more simple and clean. I also loved that the cards weren't rounded. I'm not a fan of the rounding, but I'm trying to get over it.

I also got bit fancy and made an accordion card. I made it the same way I make my flips...just times four. I find if I stack more than four it's just too thick. When I fold it up it's not much thicker than a piece of flair. It's a fun way to add more pics and I love little surprises like this.

March is officially in the can and I'm ready to get started on April.

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jasmine said...

This is fantastic!! So clean and pretty. I love that you make your own flip and accordion cards. I'm definitely going to try this. :) Very inspiring.