a walk down memorykeeping lane

Happy National Scrapbooking Day! Yes, it's a thing.

I thought that it would be fun to share some of my early scrapbook layouts and kinda see how much...or how little I've evolved:)

This may very well have been my 2nd or 3rd layout ever. 8.5x11 because that was my jam and still is sometimes and lots of distress inking and stamping. I made those flowers free hand so yeah, the making of my own embellishments started from the very beginning. Just to give you a frame of reference, my niece was about two in that picture and she just turned 18 four days ago. EEK!

Another Allie layout because early on I thought scrapbooking was all about kids and since I didn't have any I used the one and only child to whom I had somewhat unlimited access. 2005 and I was super into layering and patterns. Oh, and tearing paper...i don't know what I was thinking other than

Still on the "scrap my sister's kid" train. I decided to try 12x12 and it felt like a lot of real estate to fill up. I also realized that I'm a one maybe two photos kinda gal and always have been. More layering, more handmade embellishments. I still love this picture and remember that day fondly.

Yup, I was way more prolific in my early scrapbooking years. This was pretty simple and I think it was a scraplift...so if it looks like something you made back in the day, thanks for the inspo:) To those that think using embroidery floss on scrapbook pages is new, it's not. I'm glad that it made its way back around again but I'm no longer really into it.

Yay! Seven years later my sister gives birth to another child just so I'd have someone other than Allie to scrapbook. Okay...that might not have been the whole reason. Clearly my style evolved very little. One picture, layers, buttons and handwritten journaling along the side. I have about 50 more that look just like this one.

A rare two picture layout, but it follows my basic formula. It was around this time that I started machine stitching on everything. My nephew was about two or three in this picture and he is now 11. Love that I was still using buttons and cut out embellishments.

Around 2006  I stopped scrapbooking my niece and nephew. I wanted to scrapbook my family as an extension of my own life and not as the primary subject matter. I also cancelled all of my scrapbooking magazine subscriptions since they never really got behind depicting layouts that looked like my life. I switched to the Internet where I discovered the Dares and other styles of scrapbooking that more closely fit my aesthetic.

Cut to 2010 and I was still keeping pictures to a minimum...still layering and still machine stitching. The big addition was mist. Let me tell you...it was short lived. I still like mist, but I don't do it very much.

Almost 20 years later and I'm still participating in this amazing hobby. It has helped my unwind, it has helped me become far more observant, it has helped me remember things I had long forgotten...but really it's made me happy and grateful for my life. I think all these layouts pretty much look alike...except for that first one which was kind of an anomaly. I still like all of the same things. My favorite embellishments are still the ones I make myself. I still use some of the exact same paper punches and supplies. I now scrapbook 6x8 layouts which is really a slightly smaller version of 8.5x11 and these days it's almost all about me:)

Here's to another 20 years.  Oh...and note to self...use my own handwriting more.


Anonymous said...

What a fun post! It's always so cool to see the evolution of scrapbooking. I'm too scared to post any of my first pages ;)
Cute kiddos, too! Happy NSD.

Kelly said...

i hoarded my piece of that paper from the first layout in this post (the polka dots on a blue background…mme was it?) for the longest time! what a fun post. thank you.

Cindy Lee said...

I must say that I truly enjoy reading your blog! I love the way you write!

You've just inspired me to share my very first layout on my blog!