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How about a new blog series? I bring you...

Anatomy of a Layout.

I subscribe to the notion that the good stuff lies in the process. Whether it's knitting, cooking, or memorykeeping...I'm always so interested in the inbetween. In this series I will be sharing layouts in various stages of completeness. Some days it will be a solitary image, like today, where I simply breakdown the process via diagram. Other times it might be a before and after pictorial depicting the plan I had at the beginning and how it evolved in the end. I will also do an image heavy step by step. Lastly, while I am hardly an accomplished video maker...I do think it could be nice to see the process in real time as well.

While I know that there is nothing novel about the scrapbook layout process...I do hope you find some value in it. I intend to focus on a few particular areas, namely...Inspiration, Trends/Techniques,  Design + Color choices and Journaling. I will also mention supplies, but briefly since I don't use very many.

Layout 01 | Up Close and Personal

When seeking inspiration I rarely look to other scrapbookers. Most of what I make comes from either a print ad/magazine layout that I've pinned or collected, a recycled idea from a previously completed layout or a sketch. Some sketches are my own, but most are not. I get them a variety of places but I'm currently taking a workshop over at Studio Calico and I like it a lot.

Here's the details. Click on the picture for a larger view.

Aside from cutting thin rectangles into paper, this layout came together rather quickly. Because I am a painfully slow scrapbooker, I engage in a good deal of planning on the front end. I hardly ever begin a page without some notion of where I'm going with it. One of the things I didn't mention was the journaling. I like there to be words on every page I make....sometimes I keep things very brief, but there is always a story. Perhaps if I was a better photographer then my pictures would be enough, but I'm not and they aren't. So, that's it...until next time.

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Sacha said...

Love your layout and your journaling!