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Since switching up my scrapbook style from layouts to pockets I have occasionally needed and wanted to add a bit more. Sometimes that "more" is simply for fun, but more often than not it's for function. Choosing to do a smaller abridged version of Project Life® means less pockets over all...couple that with the fact that I do it once a month and I often find myself with more pictures than space. Sure... I do my best to edit, but really, this is my scrapbook and I want to include what I like, so inserts have become a very necessary part of my process.

Below are my favorite ways to add in more words and pictures:

Envelopes: The epitome of "simple is best." If you don't have them you can easily make one using a downloadable template or gently pulling apart a used one and tracing it. I find that envelopes are a good way to add more photos that you don't care to display. It's also great for notes. I keep a monthly notebook and sometimes I don't feel like adding in all the stuff that I've already written down so I just rip the page out of the notebook and pop it in an envelope. Voila! journaling done. *Tip: to reinforce the punched holes use packing tape...I just fold it over the bottom edge and punch.

Small Bags: These are perfect for storing bits of ephemera and such...plus I really like the pop of color they add. Not everything needs to be encased in plastic.

Accordion Folders: I started making these a long time ago when I designed invitations. Some have built in pockets while others just provide a spot to add more pictures. It's also fun to experiment with different folds and such.

Plastic Coin Protectors: Thanks to these brand new protectors by Simple Stories, I don't have to cut down the large 2x2 coin protectors anymore...these fit right in.

Plastic Business Card Protectors: I really love this one because I can use them two different ways. They can easily accommodate vertical Instax style photos or horizontal full size photos. I like doing the little faux instax ones because it leaves me with a bit of space for journaling.

Plastic Coupon Protectors: These are roughly the same size as my normal size protectors and provide six pockets for slightly larger pictures. I don't use this one as much, but I do like having them on hand.

Zipper Pouch: These are the workhorses of my book.  My local office supply store typically has all kinds that easily fit (or can be made to fit) my 6x8 binder style album. I use the Martha Stewart ones or the ones sold for day planners. It is a great catch all for business cards, ticket stubs and other bits that I want to hang on to. Simple Stories now offers one made for the Snap album.

6x8 Plastic Protectors: I try to keep plenty of these on hand...partly to accomodate my full size layouts but also so that I have something that can easily be cut apart and stitched up to create an assortment of custom pocket sizes.

I find myself using only one of the above at any given time. I think that for me, adding random inserts keeps the process fresh and I like the ability to create extra space when I need it. If adding inserts are your thing,  these flips by Simple Stories or these tabs by Basic Grey might come in handy or even this tab die by Studio Calico...as you may have guessed, I just make my own:)

BTW...if you use the Snap system like I do, Scrapbook.com is having a sale and there are a bunch of brand new protectors:)

Have a Great Memorial Day Weekend!!

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