day in the life | 2014

Yesterday I participated in Ali's Day in the Life project. I've done it before, but never really accomplished much with the photos. Every year I find the constant picture taking fun at first and then annoying. I didn't want to think about setting up the camera to photograph a long ass conference call or what happens to Ronin/Cujo when the mailman comes. These are all part of my days but somewhat impossible to capture on camera.

I was happy that this years DITL landed on a pretty calm day for me. There wasn't a ton on my to-do list and it was pretty typical over all. I opted to only photograph what I would normally photograph for my monthly pocket album and didn't worry about every last detail. I did take care to write everything down though. I still wanted to record my day, I just didn't want to do it primarily through pictures. I ended up printing out a single picture for my album and writing everything out directly on it. I took one silly pic in the morning...I meant to use it to Instagram my daily bun, but ended up using all that white space for recording my day. I am quite pleased with the result and glad I took the time to write things down as they happened. This is what most of my days look like...

messy bun included.

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