if you don't know, now you know

My desk looks pretty clean in this picture...but there's a lot you can't see, just follow the numbers around the room.

1. Against the wall in front of my desk is a long low Expedit aka Kallax book shelf that desperately needs to be dusted. It's home to my printer, my Cameo and lots of business paperwork that needs to be filed.

2. Yes, two is tricky...it's hiding beneath my desk but it's really hiding the bottom shelf of that shelving unit behind my desk which contains 3 baskets filled with...I don't even know.

3. Is a decent looking lamp that sits atop my computer/sewing machine/ place where I sit when I get tired of standing desk. Right now it's also home to 3 large boxes that need to be broken down and recycled. oh...and if I open that window I might just catch a glimpse of my neighbor playing the accordion....naked. Just kidding about the accordion.

4. The wall to the right of my desk has three small metal shelving units that contain what's left of my shop inventory, my manual die cutting accoutrement. and some books and magazines. It's all kind of a mess.

So there you go...a picture that doesn't even show the half of it.

Happy Workspace Wednesday

Oh...i forgot to mention the door to this room  with the busted up metal dog gate in front of it.  This is a strictly no Ronin zone...he eats paper.

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