the what, when & why | scrapbook edition

When it comes to Scrapbooking, I do a bit of everything. I make traditional layouts, I make minibooks, I maintain a modified monthly version of Project Life, I create photobooks and I use Instagram (which is a form of memorykeeping in my opinion). This is a lot considering I have a job, and a life and other hobbies I enjoy. I don't do any of the aforementioned for posterity...I harbour no hope that anyone will find value in my memories, but me. I do it because I enjoy the process of documenting my own life. Simple.  The real question is, with so many options for keeping my memories, how do  I determine what to use when...and why?

So here it is:

Layouts are for stories & playing.  I don't create a layout if I don't have a deeper story I want to write. The picture is a supporting character. It's also a chance to play around creatively.  I cut things up, I sew, I layer and use embellishments...this is when I experiment and try new things.

Minibooks are for subjects with a beginning and an end. Small trips, a single subject (like December Daily). I don't like open-ended minis. I find that they tend to languish in a perpetual state of incompleteness. I like setting parameters and working within them. I like that minibooks can be equally devoted to pictures, stories and play and the smaller scale makes the whole thing infinitely more fun and finish-able:)

Pockets/Project Life are for everyday.  So what about that huge part of my life that happens in between the highlights? The meals I eat, the places I go, the tasks I complete, the people that share my life...my outfits, hairstyles, complaints...my every single day? A lot of it goes in pockets every month. I collect all the photos from my random picture taking instruments and I then go about choosing which best represent the month. I write to create context and that's it. Very little decoration just words and pictures...a way for me to remember the small moments and how significant a part they play in the grand scheme.

Photobooks are for pictures. As I find myself getting better at figuring out how to take a decent photo I have longed to have something representative of that, something that I can design myself that is well done and includes really nice images. These take time and a ruthless ability to edit. I am currently making one for my trip to Paris and my niece's graduation.

Instagram is for fun and followers. The biggest difference between Instagram and my physical scrapbooks is that you can follow and be followed. I love following people...I love being inspired, I love getting that peek into peoples lives, I love liking and commenting, I love the enthusiasm people have for sharing. I like the quickness, how I can include a short phrase or a funny descriptor. I like the advertising capabilities...it's like sending a shoutout.  It doesn't replace scrapbooking for me...it's more like an extension. I could probably use it more, but because my feed is public I have to be a bit more thoughtful. I notice that there are some people that Instagram everything...do you do that? Use it like a virtual photo album? I'm curious because I don't think of it that way.

So the only remaining question is where do I find the time? How sick are you of that question? The answer is I think people are resourceful and they manage to make time for the things they love. So yeah...it's not like I found time hiding under the couch. I carve out bits here and there. I have arranged my life so I have time for these things. Sometimes that means I don't cook or I don't clean, or I take a lot longer to finish a book...the motto is true...I'd rather be scrapbooking.


MichelleZ said...

This has inspired me. I am on a quest to combine formats. I love how you did this. Thank you for the inspiration!

Carol Labuski said...

Oh my goodness! I do all of these forms of memory-keeping in exactly the same ways and for exactly the same reasons. I never had just the right words to describe the various ways I scrapbook but you have nailed them for me. Thanks for sharing this!

Cathie said...

I do a little of everything, too and I agree completely with your comment about "finding time". Thanks for putting it perfectly in perspective.