on gardens and gardening

It seems like everywhere I look folks are talking about their gardens. Truth be told, I like it and I get it. Up until a couple years ago...I didn't get it. You see, up until a couple years ago I never lived in a house, never had a garden and had never grown something from the ground and eaten it.

That's all changed since I moved into this delightful little house in the lovely PNW, but I still reminisce about my childhood. I grew up in a 10 unit apartment building with a pool in the center of a small courtyard. Although I didn't know it back then, the apartment I grew up in was bigger than a LOT of houses and we didn't really ever want for space. The best part besides the pool is that each unit was occupied by families with kids around our age. Some of which have remained in my life to this day. Over thirty years later, a couple of those families still live there...including my mom. These people that started out as neighbors and became like family have all changed and grown...some have become grandparents recently. EEK! Some have fought in wars around the world...they have children and jobs and struggles.

Even though I didn't have a garden then, I now realize as I walk through grass still wet with dew, as I pick flowers to give away or to perfume my home, as I anxiously await my budding tomatoes and pop warm raspberries in my mouth...Gardens come in many different forms. As a child I still got to watch things grow. I still got to see things being tended and loved.  I learned the lesson that what springs from the earth will eventually return to it and that you reap what you sow.

I am so thankful for what I have now, but it can never compare to what I had then. I don't own this garden...but for now, for today, it's mine to enjoy.

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