the lowdown

okay. so this is going to be a total hodgepodge post. I have no time for proper punctuation or grammar, so if you would kindly overlook my lack of capital letters I would appreciate it tremendously.

So why so busy? Not that you asked but the answer is I have a terrible horrible talent for always underestimating how long everything will take. How long it will take to lose 80 pounds (15+years), how long it will take for my hair to turn gray (approx 40 years), how long it will take to toast English muffins (less time than I thought). This means I am always rushing about at the last minute trying to get stuff done and throwing my back out in the process.

Yups, I threw mah back out, while cleaning the guest room for my niece and nephew who will be here in less than 24 hours. BOOM! Oh, the rest of my house is kinda wrecked, I'm overdue on a deadline and it's hot as hell is Seattle.

Right about now you may be thinking...what about the shop, France? What about all those cute little sneaks we liked on Instagram? We about all those nature pics you took last week?

There are a few things still in production, so I was faced with a decision...open the shop without them and then be faced with having to charge people additional shipping if they want to buy the other things a little while later when they come in or...just wait till I have everything. Whew, that was a long sentence. I am not in the habit of waiting, I use to worry about people getting the jump on me.
Thankfully I have worked through those issues and will wait until everything is ready and I can present folks with my very best. 

Right now the ETA is the first week of August...so, yeah...It's coming...in the meantime I'm getting all into nature. I'm venturing out with my giant straw hat and my SPF 1000 and I'm enjoying this little life of mine. Summer and I don't always get along, but I'm trying to make friends.

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Anthea said...

Thanks for the update France!