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Recently an Internet friend of mine gave up blogging. Her reasoning? She just wasn't into it anymore. I think about it sometimes myself. I've never been a terribly prolific blogger...it's certainly not my job and in some respects I think of blogging as a career path for the young. No doubt they are a ton of work...and as a person who's made a career art directing, I'm aware of the production value behind some of these sites.

Truth? I like blogging. I don't like pressure or guilt or being told what to do. I bristle under those sorts of constraints. My blog list has dwindled down to handful. Not because I don't like pretty images...I have Pinterest and Instagram for that. Not because I no longer enjoy crafts...once again...Pinterest and Instagram...but because if you don't have a story to tell me, I just don't care. Most of the bloggers I follow are intermittent posters much like myself...but far better writers. Far better.

I've gotten older and the Internet has changed. Perhaps this also has a bit to do with growing up pre Internet. Don't get me wrong, I love it...not the junk, the good stuff...but it has no claim on me. My appetite for constant stimulation is really not that big and while I find the everyday lifestyle blog quite pretty a lot of them leave me feeling a bit cold. I get it though...I'm not even their demographic really... I've effed up too many DIY projects, I don't own enough cute furniture or clothes for that matter,  I totally play the tourist in new cities and save the unbeaten path for someone else, but stories...truth telling, joke telling make me laugh or cry stories are ageless, and it's crazy, with the sheer volume of blogs that exist, how few really accomplish it. But hey...different strokes, right? The beauty is that there's something for everyone...even little old middle aged me and that's what keeps me coming back.

and speaking of come backs...

please don't be mad I've chosen to bury this at the bottom of this post, but the shop reopens for business...Monday, August 11th at 4pm PST. #bananafishstudiorelaunch

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