something old + something new

First...thanks you guys.

You made my shop relaunch a complete success and I'm blown away by the reception. SO many of you went out of your way to send me notes of congratulations and support. It makes the many dormant months I spent doubting, planning and working away seem worth it.

I confess, I was a bit nervous about the whole thing. I realized that when I vacated my tiny microscopic space of Internet last year that something else would immediately fill it up. At the time I had no game plan, I just knew that what my shop had become was overwhelming. So...with a desire to live my "one little word" of 2013, I sought to recreate my life with LESS. I started eating less crap, wasting less time on the Internet, watching less TV which conversely gave me more time to read, to visit a bunch of parks, to spend time with my husband, to travel and to knit.

In 2014 I began to imagine a new path for the shop. I never intended to keep it closed for so long, but I new I wasn't ready to re-open either. As a self employed graphic designer, there's often an ebb and flow to my earnings. I wanted to use the shop as a means of supplementing my income and regulating my schedule. My new approach was simple: just make less.

A much smaller shop. Designing products from the ground up. Finding ways to make the things I created compatible with products many papercrafters already own. Ok, so I already did that...what would be different? The old shop was very much centered on an old way of doing things, it was based on my Etsy shop from 2007 which was fine except for now everyone made stamps, everyone made journal cards and many shops were even having things manufactured overseas like washi tape and enamel dots. There was NO way I could compete with their inventory, their pricing...nothing. Except...if I thought that way everytime I wanted to do something...I'd never do anything. There are always going to be folks out there doing things, making things, selling things kinda like you.

Just do what you do...make yourself happy, work your bum off and the rest will happen. To be clear, I don't recommend you ignore the market, or you blow off research or employ poor business practices, I just mean don't talk yourself out of something just because other people are doing it.  This shop is all me...I sell the stuff I design. I work with other small businesses to print all my paper products and manufacture my wood and acrylic pieces. I source other bits from reliable independent shop owners...usually on Etsy. All these folks are spending money right here in their communities and that makes me feel awesome. 

So thanks again. Thanks for appreciating what it was I was trying to do. I know it's not for all of you...but to anyone...ANYONE that ever purchased items at anytime from this tiny little independent shop. Thank you...you helped me learn some hard lessons and gain perspective which is even more valuable.

Just a note...a few things are currently sold out in the shop. I am offering the Well Said stamp set and the Everyday Accessories Kit for pre-order. The ship date is written in the description. I'm also going to be chatting about another new product on Friday. Until then...


Lindsey T said...

Thank you so much for reopening! Always exciting to place a bannanafishstudio order! Your products have been a constant in my project life album since your shop started back on etsy! So excited for new items!

CiJi said...

Are you going to restock the die cut pack that is sold out? :)

sylv said...

Hey there! Is it too late to pre-order Well Said and Everyday Accessories? Thanks