frequently asked questions:

what do you do?
I'm a graphic designer that does a lot of other things besides graphic designing.

do you still teach workshops?
I'm on a bit of a hiatus at present. I'm trying to develop something for online, but I think the human interaction aspect is missing.

how long did you work for Paper Source?
I began at the Pasadena store and said my goodbyes to the Beverly Hills store about five years later.

Do you have an etsy store?
Yes, although there is nothing currently for sale...that may be changing soon.

Do you design blogs?
Yes...I currently only use the Blogger platform but am currently designing one for Wordpress...so I am on my way to being proficient at both.

Do you still design invitations?
Yes, when asked, I still design...I have become quite green, so I'm all about keeping things simple and using recycled and eco friendly products when possible.

What do you do with your excess scrapbooking supplies?
I give it away.

This is personal, but are you married and do you have children?
Yes and no. Married without children. Does a dog count?

Can I email you with paper related questions?
Yes. I amassed an enormous amount of knowledge over the last several years...partly due to my job in the stationery industry and partly due to my intense love for research. I love sharing what I know and if I don't know I'll find someone who does.

email france@bananafishstudio.com