mad hot art

If you've never heard of matte stephens...you're really missing out. He creates these amazingly expresssive creatures and conveys such a sense of whimsy. I discovered him a while back and although I haven't bought a piece yet, I am definitely going to. Isn't it amazing how some things just conjure up a certain feeling. I LOVE Nina Simone and Matte's art always makes me think of Nina.

Lots of stuff going on at the Studio. Working on a few different things right now. A little corporate identity, mixed with some fun promotional items. Ideally...I would love to just make pretty things. But the other stuff pays the bills.

Today is my mom's birthday. Before I end tonight's post...I just want to say, if you're a mom, and you're reading this. Read to your kids, use the funny voice for the different characters, buy them paintbrushes and easels, encourage them to imagine. Sing to them. Let them stay home the day after final exams so their brain's can recuperate. Defend them no matter what, and make them feel like gold. This is what my mom did for me and like she always says...I turned out pretty good. I love you mom.

Ciao for now

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