My name is France, and I'm a crafter

Taught a super fun workshop at Paper Source today. I love when I get a great, enthusiastic group of folks who are eager to spend a few hours crafting. I use to really hate it when people referred to what I did as "crafts." I felt as though it belittled my work. I would often say, "I'm a designer, not a crafter"...but I got over it. I am a crafter...I love making things...I love getting my hands dirty and learning new techniques, I love buying pretty paper and tools galore. At the end of the day I am still who I was at eight years old when I loudly declared to my grandfather that I would be a "maker" when I grew up. I am a maker, a designer, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a friend and a bunch of other things...I challenge you and myself to create something that serves as a grand declaration of who you are. It can be a scrapbook page, a collage, a photograph...any medium you want. Send me a pic and I'll post it. I'll post mine too...when I finish it.

Getting back to the workshop today...it was an intro to rubberstamping and this little calendar idea was a big hit. I was totally inspired by this. I figured...this is a cool idea...why not create a DIY version and just add some rubber stamps to pretty it up. If you're interested in making one yourself just email me and I will send you the pdf template.

Ciao for now:)

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Anonymous said...

got your blog link from a friend. this calendar is so cute...sent you an email for the download