Good Food Find

In my quest to eat healthier and avoid the kitchen I am always on the hunt for little neighborhood spots to eat good food. Keith and I have come across a few, but today I was introduced to the gem known as Tender Greens. It serves free range chicken, organic vegetables and a nice array of healthy fare. Nestled in that sweet little area of Culver City near the studio, this is a fun new find.

Speaking of new finds, I still haven't found out who got kicked off of ANTM last week...I'm a little behind and I hate being the last to know. I'm avoiding all of my favorite gossip sites in fear of a spoiler. It just doesn't feel right not knowing what Paris and Britney are up to.

Ciao for now


suzi finer said...

Looks right up my alley! Ummmm.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes a gal gets sick of subway, so it's a nice alternative to my daily sandwich:)