Viva VCU

I have always been a basketball fan ever since my short-lived stint as assistant coach of the Georgetown Hoyas (the team my little brother played on when he was 11). But, my attention certainly reached new heights once I met a guy who happened to be a major sports fan. That guy and I are now married and, being the mostly supportive wife that I am, have tried to muster up a bit of excitement...that means participating in March Madness. I'm not gonna explain that since I couldn't if I tried, but it's essentially when the best college b-ball teams play each other for the championship.

Well...this year my guy was particularly excited since his little known alma mater Virginia Commonwealth University made it in and was playing the usually amazing and definitely well-known Duke University. We sat in a local Santa Monica sports bar and watched the game...everyone expecting that anonymous little Virginia team to be blown out of the water...but guess what? They WON!!! That's right, the VCU Rams beat Duke and showed everybody who they were.

There's only one thing I like more than a good b-ball game folks, and that's when the underdog comes from behind to take the game...Now that's a happy ending.

Ciao for now:)

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