what you can get for a buck these days...

you can get stamps, and I'm not referring to the postage sort. It's no secret that I adore rubber stamps. Partly because I like the look of them and partly because they're quicker than the computer. So, I got these stamps yesterday at Michael's in the $1 dollar bin they have by the door. They work really well. All the cards I make these days are headed here.

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This has been a pretty good blog week for me...which is strange. I don't HAVE more time...I'm just making more time. Thought I'd take a moment to share some things I'm loving these days...

this sweater
this blog
and this one
this restaurant
and this (this link may or may not work)

Incidentally, for those that live on the westside in Los Angeles. My beloved Tia Juana is closing to make room for a Trader Joe's. Keith and I have been going to this small Mexican restaurant since we began our courtship several years ago. They know us there. Does that even happen anymore...at least in LA? We're really sad...no more homemade tortillas, no more chili colorado, no more albondigas. Now I have to find a new home away from home:( Any suggestions?


Teresa Loop said...

Thank you for sharing those amazing blogs!! I love Posy, what a fabulous peek into her world - beautiful!

You scored at M's too - enjoy!

Libby said...

Good post.