getting my knit on...

For some reason I have been knitting like a nut these last few days. I guess with so much going on it's nice to just sit, think and knit. I'm not very accomplished and have only mastered two stitches...are they even called stitches? But, I have completed a few scarves with more in the works. I even picked up the cutest bag...pics tomorrow, promise.

I made this scarf for my sister and since I already have a few requests...decided to make the little tag you see on the front. Not that I intend to seriously sell these things...I can't seem to churn them out quick enough to make it worthwhile, but it's relaxing and I like it. I have also started sewing again and have some
terribly cute projects in the works...even though I just barely learned what interfacing was.

I also wanted to include a pic of a card I made with one of my new cuttlebug folders. I am loving the white on white embossing and intend to make a set of notecards for a friend with the same look. I also used my scor-pal to make those really neat lines...I think it lends such a clean feel.


Linda said...

Your card is beautiful! I also like the colors of your scarf and cool label.

Anonymous said...

See here