a smallish jaunt

today finds me preparing to take a wee holiday in AZ. I will be returning early next week and by then I can hopefully get back on track with project 365. I am hopelessly lagging behind so I think instead of lamenting the days I have missed, I will begin again in earnest when I get back. Before I go I will leave you with a few happy snaps...

I am completely obsessed with knitting right now, but I took a little break and crocheted these pretty little flowers that a friend taught me how to make. I love it when folks are so free with their knowledge and so eager to teach. That's the way it should be in my humble opinion. There's also a pic of my new knitting bag. My mom totally instigated that purchase, but really, I was all too willing.

I'm also loving white on white right now. These flowers are so lovely even though they are on their last legs. I will be getting more upon my return.

Oh...and I wanted to share a photo of my new Valentine's/Anniversary necklace. This picture is horrible...you can see it better here....and with that...

I'm off.

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