I dare you...


I wish I had more time to participate in the dares. Sadly I do not. But, every once in a while, one comes up and I cannot resist. Dare #91 is all about typography. I have been open about my love of words and type on this blog so I created my own digital* contribution. To those of you who may be wondering what's up with the excessive use of that gal in sunglasses snap...so sorry. I love to take photos. but I admit to not being very accomplished in that regard, therefore, I often find myself in need of a willing and cheap subject. Enter myself. I go into the poorly lit bathroom, awkwardly clutching my ok camera and snap away. I try to do more than just stand there since the main reason for the photos is to practice my post processing. Every photo I take ends up going through some sort of processing so to get better I play around a great deal until I have something that looks interesting to me. Oh, and why the glasses? I like them is all.

Sorry for the abundance of run-ons and fragments...my grammar has gone to hell.

*the alphas are part of a digikit by Rhonna Farrer.

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