remember this?

Months ago i decided that I would begin an art journal. Entries would consist of one word every month that expressed something I wanted to focus on. My word for January was READY.

Well...after creating the first one I kinda dropped the ball. Unfortunately my good intentions became a casualty of life (wouldn't be the first time) and I got a little behind. But...not quite ready to give up on my little unloved endeavor, I figured, in order to really do this, I had to find a way to streamline my process while still being creative.

I spend so much time on my computer. I mean, a lot. More than 12 hours a day...and while most of that time is work I will admit that a bit of it is play as well...and if I'm gonna play anyway why not do something that allows me to flex my creative muscle. Therefore...I will be making my art journal digitally. Since I want their to be some continuity I have remade the January entry and above you will find the February entry as well. March and April will be finished next week and then I will be up to date.

So there you have it...Oh and forgive my excessive use of commas...I like them.

BTW...if you're into art journals check out what inspires me.

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