1 down 9 to go...

until my birthday. This is a big one. It was always a bit of a touchstone number for me growing up as in...when I'm 35 I gonna do this or that or this and that. I used 35 as a symbol of adulthood, of power and independence. I didn't give a hoot about my 20's which were rocky to say the least...I am all about the 30's and this one coming up feels just right.

a few facts about my aging process thus far:

• I dislike parties or anything that would require small talk
• I do like cake accompanied by ice cream
• I like being alone and even more introspective than usual
• It's usually warm out
• I always countdown...even if it's just in my own head
• I never think about what I've done...only what I want to do
• The same 6 people never forget to call or email me
• I like to go away...it doesn't have to be far...just away
• I don't work on my b-day
• I don't mind getting older
• I never plan on finding out how old I am according to Dr Oz
• I don't engage in depressing traditions (see above)
• I don't beat myself up for all the things I haven't done
• I try to do something new

That's just the tip of the iceberg really. This year I've decided to commemorate 35 with a mini book since I'm on a bit of a mini book kick right now. I will only do 10 days...because I can't commit to anything longer than that. Hopefully I'll get around to sharing days 10 and 9 with you laters.


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Anonymous said...

Oh, you are still so young. You have so much ahead of you. I remember taking stock of my life at 30 but by 40 I was much easier on myself. And according to Oprah 50 is even better, so I look forward to that.

I so agree with your terms of life especially the first two. I am the same!