on knowing it will never really get cold here

I am trying my best to make peace with the fact that it will never get very cold in my neck of the woods, which has a considerably different climate from the woods in Vermont shown in the photo above. I mean in a few months people a bit further to the middle and the east will be ankle deep in snow and I will still be frolicking in the sunshine. That's what's nice about living in LA right? The weather...the eternally fabulous climate. The sunshiney and 70 all the livelong day.

Yes, I know I should be thanking my lucky stars, but that's hard to do when my east coast friends are blogging about new scarves and coats, pumpkin lattes and soup. Wonderful soup. I know I could just push the little knob on my thermostat down a bit and pretend...but what's the use. Plus...that's kinda wasteful.

I'm an autumn girl...born in October and a Libra through and through. I love fall. I love that I sprung from my mother during such a perfectly lovely season. Nevermind that it's always a little warm on my birthday...it never feels like fall to me until I turn another year older. I guess you could say that for me...fall is like spring. A time for new beginnings. So what does a gal do when longing for fall in all its frigid glory ...I flip through seasonal catalogs...I make a pot of spiced cider so that the smell wafts through my 76 degree apartment, I buy a couple of sweaters that it will never really be cold enough to wear, I knit scarves, I make things, I drink hot chai instead of iced and at the end of it I discover, once again, how this time of year is beautiful no matter where you live.

photo courtesy of Paul Schwarz

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Anonymous said...

Fall is my favorite season I pine for the weather that signals it's time to prepare for the cold again. Hopefully one day I will be able to enjoy a REAL autumn day!