I know I should attempt to exercise greater restraint, but despite my own strict orders to get freezer bags and dish soap only, I still gravitate toward the dollar spot. Yes, I am referring to that oft crowded little corner of Target where everything costs about a buck. It's like a rat trap. Easy to find your way in hard to find your way out.

If you've never succumbed to this area, usually located near the entrance, then you are truly disciplined. I always manage to grab several notepads with magnets on the back or those cheapy plastic brag books that I never end up doing anything with. This time I walked away with a pair of cloth napkins with cute acorn appliques and some scrappy accoutrement.

Take a closer look:

Did you know that the dollar spot contained stamps? I didn't. You may be questioning the quality of said stamps...I did too, but for a buck they could be garbage and I wouldn't feel too bad. Well after an initial trial the verdict is in:

they are fabulous.

I created this card using one of the little sets...the "happy" came from somewhere else.

unfortunately, the Martha Stewart "handmade holiday" magazine was NOT in the dollar section.


Dariela said...

France: I ALWAYS do the same thing! I tell myself not to go in there but it's really really hard not to. And now with a kid I can even find more stuff!! I saw those stamps and letter cutouts this weekend. I didn't get them but they are cute!!
Love your new banner and button on the left by the way.

Sara said...

i love the dollar section. do they have the really great 2009 desk calendar in the LA one? I just got it and it is to die for. pink and chocolate polka dots and just sitting on my desk waiting for the new year.

The Lonely Scrapbooker said...

Thanks so much for your comments and your offer!
How do I take you up on your offer?
I sent you an email, not sure if you got it... .

The Lonely Scrapbooker said...

Did you get my email with details of where to send package to?
Not sure if you're getting it. It might be going to your junk mail. It's from Artemis.