the boy

I went through my archives a bit and discovered how little I discuss my guy. I suppose that isn't unusual since he has very little to do with crafts and hasn't given me permission to print a tell-all. Still...he is ever present. Just beyond the jokes and observations is the man who gets me. So...in an attempt to shout my love from the proverbial rooftop...here are a few key things the world should know:

he is a brilliant writer...better than he knows.
he is unfailingly kind.
he tells the truth.
he has character and a quiet sort of charm
he thinks I'm hilarious
he is at once a boy and a man in the best possible way
he works extremely hard
he's modest
he is opinionated and passionate
he is always learning
he shares his dreams with me

i worship him.
I do. in a totally unfeminist....setting the women's movement back 40 years kind of way. Oh...and yes, I'm aware that unfeminist is not a word.
squeeze your partner extra hard today...for it is easy to forget how profoundly lucky we are to love and be loved.


2 Hearts B 1 Designs said...

I thought that this was ultra sweet.
Great to know more about the boy bedside the girl that I adore so much. I can't wait to see you two.

bananafish said...

super excited to see you too!!!