image taken by me of my fake peonies purchased at Target

I love flowers. adore them. I also kill flowers. It's my lack of proper parenting skills, meaning no love, no water, no careful tending. I know...theirs is a sad fate anyway, but still...I do little to help things along. So what does a flower lover do? She fakes it. I am aware that there are those who find the practice a bit tacky, akin to some other designerly faux pas like plastic sofa covers, but I do it anyway. I like them. I like that they look pretty and they don't disturb my allergies...oh, and that they don't die...ever. I'll be the first to admit that not all fakes are created equally. My favorites tend to come from Ikea or World Market. Crate and Barrel has some really nice ones too, but those are usually far too expensive.

So to all of you out there growing real flowers and tending real gardens, I salute you, but until I can comfortably emulate you...I'll stick to my fakes.

oh the ttv is fake too...are you sensing a pattern?

if you're looking for the real deal...visit this photographer's lovely shop, her prints are lovely and quite affordable.


Dariela said...

Love your picture France! I'm also bad with flowers, I like your solution, I might copy you one day... did you also put water?? HA ha! They look so real!
Thanks for the tips on the photography effects, love to play with those type of things!!

bananafish said...

no, i didn't put water...it's fake water in the vase...it came that way. cool, huh?