the start of something big

after my foray into knitting I realized that one...it was going to take some time to master the needles and two...I preferred the hook. Perhaps that's because I'm a much faster crocheter than knitter, but I like feeling as though I'm progressing. That being said, I decided to move on from the scarf and cap combo and try my hand at an afghan. I know, GASP! Big, big project. I have been hooking away as I listen to television or music, while sitting on the porch, before I go to bed, and every other spare moment in between. I love to see my blanket grow and spread around me. Now that I am almost finished with one I've decided to launch into another more ambitious afghan.

this afghan is almost done. I just need to complete a few more rounds and sew in the ends. It was inspired by this giant granny square. I only wish I had introduced a few more colors. It was really easy and I plan on doing a monochromatic one using varying shades of blue.

i just started this project. It is comprised of several squares that I am joining as I go since I know I will have to sew in a million ends as a result of all the colors I'm using. This blanket is inspired by the one I saw on this talented lady's blog. I am even using her pattern for the squares. I have to say that because of her I am completely enamored with color and am really trying to infuse great big bursts of it in all of my projects including the paper based ones.


millie & elsie said...

oh, france, the squares are so punchy. i love it! i have a granny square shaped spot in my heart for these afghans, and your color palette perfectly captures the blooms of the season!

Snippety Gibbet said...

That's pretty. I love your color combinations.