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So, another month slips by and we begin anew. I am not particularly fond of July. I have no real objection to it other than the heat, but I am happy to be that much closer to Fall. The holiday weekend brought a nice visit from family and really good food...lots of it. July will definitely be a month of healthier eating and exercise.

Even though I've been concentrating on the new job, new clients and old projects...I have had plenty of new ideas swirling around to keep me busy. One of which began in a fairly standard way...by figuring out something for myself. If you read this blog regularly you know that I have been struggling to find a good solution for many of my photos. I purchased several cheap flip books from Target so I could start getting things under control, but once I got going it felt sort of cold...so I revisited the beloved minibook.

I love anything that combines a smaller size with the word book. Perhaps because I'm on the short side myself or maybe because I spent my college career devoted to books, either way, I love them. Since so many of my pictures these days tend to be part of a larger theme or series I have been seeking a more compact way of displaying them while retaining all the bits and pieces that make scrapbooking so special. I also wanted something that would reflect the journals I kept as a girl. Enter the mini book. I have dedicated quite a few posts to my love of the small tome and linked to other artists who share my affinity for them. I figured it was about time I sat down and made a few for myself. While doing so, I though I'd make a few extra and put them in my long neglected etsy store. I will be updating the store by the end of this week once I've had a chance to properly photograph the books. I will introduce them on the blog tomorrow, so if you're interested...stop by for a peek.

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