come and gone

yes, that pretty much sums up how my WITL project went. I sort of lost steam toward the weekend. I was too happy with K's homecoming and just didn't care to photograph it. I think I'll begin putting it together later this week. The relatively few snapshots I took and what I wrote each day really represent a small fraction of my life. It gets boring after a while...so many ordinary activities repeated. Oddly enough, such a project gets you thinking. My life...so small yet so incredibly valuable. I guess it doesn't take much, as one week passes to the next, to wonder where all the time goes.

the photo above is my beloved nephew...4 years ago

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Diana said...

I know what you mean--it's important, but it's not... all the little things we do.
I wrote a post about it today, even though I didn't do it (lol)