another installment of things i don't like

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i don't like being in the sun. which is strange because i like sunny days...but i will always be the one tra-la-la-ing about in a large hat, a yellow umbrella and spf 50

i don't like socks...yes i have some cute ones...i just don't wear them...cuz i don't like em

i don't like when my nail polish bottle shatters in my suitcase and gets the loveliest blue polish all over my favorite 12 dollar blouse

i don't like when my dog pukes on the carpet rather than the hardwood...man couldn't she just take a few more steps?

i don't like anything that tastes like coffee except coffee

i don't like it when people get all huffy when you don't agree with them

i don't like being far away from my family

i don't like being far away from my friends...but i like being close to new friends

i don't like when my guy has to work all the time

i don't like that there are only 24 hours in a day

i don't like being sad

and if you were starting to think that all i do is not like stuff well...

i love laughing at dumb things, going places, singing to myself, dancing around and making lists


Dianna said...

I like reading other folks' lists!

I am with you on all of it except #1...and I'm prepared to get huffy about it! ; )

About the dog puke thing...I KNOW! My fave is when it's right where you swing your feet around and plant them on the floor first thing in the morning...that is the worst.

Andie said...

I find it incredibly strange that I posted an entry like this a few days ago and only just now read yours. We must be in the same mood lately.