hello monday::2012

 so...Christmas happened while I was away, as did New Year's Day.

I wasn't exactly under a rock...just completely immersed in my family, my surroundings, and books. Boy have I read a lot of books in the last couple of weeks. Books that I put off because I just didn't have the time.

I Ignored Facebook, Twitter, my blog, email and even some of my friends. Why? Because I just needed a break. I needed some peace and silence...and isn't this the season of peace and silence anyway? That was rhetorical. I know that most holidays are filled with a lot of joyful noise...but mine wasn't...not this year, and that was an entirely different kind of nice. It was a pleasant cap on a wonderful year.

Last year my "one little word" was "challenge." I managed to do very well with some things and not that well with others. Interestingly enough, the year wasn't just about setting challenges for myself but confronting challenges unforeseen.  There will always be challenges unforeseen. 2011 was the year I learned a lot about a lot. I have yet to settle on a word for 2012...but I have one I'm kicking around.

Instead of making firm resolutions, I like to think more about what I want the next twelve months to be like and the things with which I would like them to be filled.

I want to learn something completely new and foreign to me. I want to make discoveries. I want to play with paper and pictures. I want to tell stories. I want the courage to end relationships that no longer suit me and build relationships with people who fascinate me and have something to teach me. I want to listen to more music. Listen more in general...but more than that...I want to build relationships where I also get to do the talking, the asking and the sharing. I want to shrug off the Edith Wharton-esque manners with which I've been raised in favor of something more honest. I will end what needs ending and begin what needs beginning. I want to remember that "saying what you think" is child's play and Knowing what you think and keeping it to yourself is grace.

These things aren't solely for the new year, I suppose they are for every year.

So...here's what I'm planning for the next couple of weeks...The shop will be undergoing a bit of an overhaul. The Studio will be picking up and leaving Etsy in favor of Big Cartel-a much more cost effective platform. The blog will undergo a small cosmetic procedure...more like a tummy tuck rather than full facial reconstruction. Yes, I'm from Los Angeles and use plastic surgery terms as metaphors.

I will also be changing up the content of this blog. It's going to stay about me:) Additionally, I will be focusing on accomplishments...both personal and creative. I will be using less content from elsewhere. I have less need for blogs whose primary source of content comes from other blogs. I have always preferred those that share a personal perspective rather than just stuff I most likely have already seen making the rounds. I much prefer Pinterest for that sort of thing. I will share shop talk on Twitter and Facebook. My Twitter account is primarily personal but is really just a hodgepodge and I have no desire to change that. My Facebook is only for the shop so it's an excellent spot to visit if you are seeking updates. The blog and Pinterest are all mine and will contain a varied mix of things not to mention brief stretches of time without updates.

I am hoping to update the shop in early February but my ducks aren't all in a row yet. I have made some big changes after the difficulty I had keeping up with all the demand I experienced at Christmas time. You don't quit, you adapt...at least I do...so that prompted a search for help. I have now completely revamped my mini manufacturing process using a local small business as a much needed cog in the machine. That will free up more of my time to focus on design. Since I am also starting Project Life, I'm sure that will affect what I make as well.

I will be looking at my email for the first time in a few weeks tomorrow. If I owe you one, you will receive it shortly.

Happy 2012


rhonda said...

Looking forward to what you have in store for 2012, it is going to be a great year for you Frances! I will have to get used to shopping at the new site but for your products I gladly will!

Sarabeth said...

thanks for sharing this :)

happy new year to you!


... said...

I have been so curious/nosy about that....did you...uh manufacture all your products your self (as in...you yourself in your home?) If so, that is busy/impressive!
May all your new endeavors be blest.

Kendra in Dayton said...

I have been reading your blogg off and on since I first came across your lovlely stuff on Ali Edwards' blogg. First, Thnk You for the lovely, quality stuff I purchaed from you this past Christmas. They were perfect! And I LOVE the quality of the paper! Thank you for sharing this post with us....I wish I were so eloquent.

I'll be back :)

Nicole said...

I adored reading this post France. Love reading about your plans for the new year + especially "I want the courage to end relationships that no longer suit me and build relationships with people who fascinate me and have something to teach me." Man, did you hit the nail on the head with that. :)

Happy 2012 to you. I'm looking forward to grand re-opening!

Diana said...

This was great to read and I look forward to the nipped & tucked blog.
You wrote a lot of things here that I should adopt myself (as often happens!) I love how you are able to be so specific about living authentically -- in so doing, you're helping me figure it out too.